Passport renewal for Eswatini Citizens residing in the Kingdom of Morocco

Application for Passport renewal can be submitted to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Eswatini in Morocco for onward transmission for processing by the Ministry of Home Affairs in Eswatini. Requirements are as follows :

  1. Application letter
  2. Three (3) months bank statement from applicant/legal guardian
  3. Certified copies of ID, Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate (where applicable)
  4. Two (2) colored Passport-sized photos
  5. Fees by passport type : 

Type of passport

Total fee (in Emalangeni)




E150 (Passport); E20 (finger prints); E2 (Revenue Stamp)



E400 (Passport); E20 (finger prints); E2 (Revenue Stamp)




Emergency Travel Document (One Way)

This above Document :

  • Is issued to Emaswati intending to travel to Eswatini ONLY in the event they lose or damage their passports.
  • Is NOT in any way, evidence of National Status
  • Does NOT exempt the holder from compliance with any immigration regulations in force in the country(ies) of transit.

E (Emalangeni), is equivalent to the South African Rand.
Exchange rate against the US$: 1 US$ = E15.5 (check daily rate in view of fluctuations).

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